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Creating a list in our catalog is a great way to share your enthusiasm about books you love! Here's how to make lists in the new catalog:

  1. Log in to your BiblioCommons account by clicking the green button on the top right of the page and selecting Log In/Register at the top.

  2. After you have logged in, click that same green button on the top right that now displays your username. When a Menu appears, look under the My Collections section and select Lists


  3. Click Create a New List on the left of your list management screen.

  4. On your Create a List page, you can select what kind of list you are making from a drop down menu and give your list a unique name.


  5. Click on Create List.

  6. From your new list page, you can click on Add a Catalog Item to search for anything in our catalog. You can also click Add a Web Address to add any websites you deem relevant to your list.


  7. Your list will be made public once you have added two items to it. If you don't want to share your list, just click the box in front of "Make this list private."


Happy Listing! We can't wait to see what you do!


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