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To log into your Sno-Isle Library account, click on  at the top of the library's home page. If this is the first time you are logging into the new catalog, please see How do I sign into the new catalog for the first time?


There are a few different reasons you might be having a problem accessing your account: 

Blocked account

You will need to return or pay for all lost items before you can download media or check out materials. Contact customer service (see above) or your community library.

Password problem

Your default password is the last four digits of your phone number; or, if you updated your account and changed your password, it will be what you set it for. If you do not know your password, please contact customer service (see above) for a password reset or click here to have a temporary password e-mailed to you.

Lost library card

If you have lost your library card, please contact your local Library for assistance.

Expired account

If your account is expired we need to verify the information on your account is current; we do this every five years. Please update your account information

Please Note: Accounts created online can't be renewed through your online account. You must visit your local library to renew your online created account.

Electronic media accounts

Our Electronic Media is provided to you by vendors that contract with Sno-Isle Libraries. They may or may not be integrated with your library account. Usually, you must use your library card number, not your username, to gain access. 

Overdrive error "Details: (1) There appears to be a problem with your library card."

This error is reported when your account is blocked, either due to an expired account or fines on your account. Please see either Blocked Accounts or Expired Accounts above.

Finding a library card number

If you need your library account number for Overdrive, Freegal or other services that require the library card number and do not accept a username, there are a few ways to look this up:

  1. If you can answer all our security questions to validate your identity, please try our Account Lookup Tool.
  2. If the above option doesn't work for you, please contact customer service (see above) or your community library.

Note for Overdrive customers: Customers that have changed their library card number will need to notify Overdrive of both the old and new library account numbers. Contact Overdrive customer service by filling in the required information so they can update your Overdrive account.