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Trivia Game Play Questions

Q:  What is the difference between family trivia and pub trivia?

A: Family trivia is intended for intergenerational cooperation, so having both children and adults on your team will likely be helpful. Pub trivia is designed for just for adult players.


Q: How exactly is trivia going to work? How do I submit answers?

A: Trivia hosts will explain their methods of scorekeeping at the start of each event. Hosts may opt to change scorekeeping methods for each event, but all hosts will be clear about how the game will be played before the questions begin.

Q: What platform will you use for online Trivia?

A: We use Zoom. You can access Zoom in your computer’s browser, or download the app for free on an Apple or Android device. You do not need to have your own Zoom account in order to participate.

Q: Do I have to use my camera to participate?

A: No, you do not have to use your camera to participate. You can see and hear the trivia presenters whether or not you choose to share your own video. The social aspects of this event are improved when people can see their competition, but if you wish to participate without your own video that is perfectly fine.

Q: Do I need a team to play online trivia? 

A: You are absolutely welcome to play Online Trivia as an individual--no team necessary! The size of your team is up to you.

Q: Can I find out the trivia theme for this week?

A: If your trivia event doesn’t have a theme listed in the title, expect it to be a mix of topics.

Q: How do I talk to my teammates that are not sharing a living space with me?

A: There are many ways you can choose to communicate with your teammates during this event, but the easiest is likely having an ongoing phone call between yourself and any teammates not in your living space. Zoom has private messaging features you can use, but we do not recommend using Zoom if you have teammates in more than one other location as you can only private message one person at a time on that platform. Other options would be texting or using the messaging app of your choice.

Q: What if I arrive late to the event?

A: Hosts will generally start the trivia 5-10 minutes after the advertised start time. If you arrive late, you may still be able to participate, but it will be up to the hosts if there is a review section for each round where you might catch up on questions you missed.

Trivia Registration Questions

Q: Does each member of a team need to register for trivia?

A: If team members are in the same physical location and can share a screen/device, only one team member need register. If team members are located in different households, at least one member of each household should register for trivia.

Q: Can I share the Zoom link with my team members?

A: Please encourage your team members to register for Online Trivia through Sno-Isle's events page. Due to limited space in each Online Trivia event, we ask that you do not share the Zoom link with team members who are not registered for the event.

Q: If I'm on the trivia waitlist, how will I know if I can get into the event?

A: Our registration software will automatically move you from the waiting list to the active participants list if someone cancels and a space opens up. Watch the email you registered with for that notification. If you do not receive such a message by an hour prior to the event, we are sorry that there was not enough space to accommodate you this time around.

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