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Sno-Isle Libraries offers two databases to help you identify potential B2B (business to business) customers: DemographicsNow and ReferenceUSA. These databases are free with a library card, and require your library card number and pin/password.


  1. Start at the “U.S. Businesses” Database, and select “Advanced Search”.
  2. Select the geography you’d like to search in the left menu. You can search by city, zip code, county, and more. When you select a box in the left-hand menu, a search option pops up in the middle of the page. Use this search option to input your geography.
  3. Choose “Keyword/SIC/NAICS” to search by keyword, SIC code, or NAICS code of the businesses you are targeting as customers. These search selections are all found under “Business Type”. You can also use “Major Industry Group” to access the entire SIC code structure.
  4. Use “Business Size”, “Ownership”, “Financial Data”, or “Special Selects” to further narrow your search.
  5. Click the blue “Update Count” button on the right-hand side to see how many results you’ll get. Click the green “View Results” button to see a list of potential B2B customers.


  1. Locate the “People & Companies” tab.
  2. Select the list type “Business List”.
  3. Enter the geography you’d like to search in the upper right corner. You can search by zip code, town, school district, census area, and more. If you’d like to look at multiple geographies, use the “Options” menu and select “Geography List”. 

  4. Use the “Business type” category in the left-hand column to select “Keyword SIC/NAICS” to search by keyword. You can also search using the SIC or NAICS code of your business. Using either of these search options will provide a menu that you can use to “drill down” to the appropriate category. Keep in mind that your business may have multiple NAICS codes, and you may wish to perform these searches with different NAICS codes to identify all of your potential competitors.

  5. Use “Business Size”, “Ownership”, “Financial”, or “Special Selects” to further narrow your search.
  6. Click the blue “Search” button on the right-hand side of the page to see your results.

Library staff are available to answer questions and offer further instruction.

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