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In early 2020, OverDrive will replace auto-checkout with a new program called "Hold redelivery." 

Hold redelivery is a new process which allows you to suspend a hold even after it’s made available to you while maintaining your place on the wait list. This change was made to give you more control over what you read and when you read it, so you can get around to checking every book off your must-read list. 

After receiving a notification that a hold is available, you will have three options:

  1. Borrow the title within three days.
  2. Suspend the hold (redeliver it) and pass the book to the next person in line. After the suspension period that you set, you will be able to borrow the book when the next copy is available.
  3. Cancel the hold.

If you forget to pick up your hold, the hold will automatically be suspended one time for seven days. If you take no action the second time that the title is available, the hold will be canceled automatically.

Holds redelivery will allow you to:

  • Borrow a book when you're ready, not a week or more before you are ready to start reading.
  • Finish the book you’re currently reading without the pressure of the next book popping up too soon.
  • See improved wait times because the holds queue will move more efficiently.
  • Pay it forward to the next customer in line by saying, "I’m not ready to read this one now. Your turn!"

Because this new process will replace auto-checkout, after hold redelivery goes live OverDrive items will no longer auto-checkout regardless of whether that option was previously selected. To prepare for this upcoming change, our online catalog provider BiblioCommons has removed the auto-checkout checkbox option. Items that previously had auto-checkout selected will still auto-checkout until Hold redelivery goes live.

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