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New Quotas: customers previously received a quota of seventy (70) black & white pages of free printing per week. In the new system, customers will receive a credit of $7.00 per week. This credit can be used for any of Sno-Isle’s print-related services, including black and white printing, color printing, and photocopying.

Paying to Print: Customers will no longer add money to their print account balance. If a customer’s free print balance does not cover the cost of the print job, they will be prompted to pay at the cash acceptor (attached to the copier) when releasing their print job.

Customer accounts will no longer carry a print balance. Customers who already have a balance in SAM will have an opportunity to get a refund. Additional details about customer refunds for SAM print balances will be coming soon.

Free photocopies: The free credits may be used for all printing services, including making photocopies at the copy machine.

Print Costs: Printing costs for both photocopies, black and white printing, and color printing will remain the same. The $7 credit can be used for seventy (70) black & white prints or photocopies at $0.10 per page, or for fourteen (14) color prints or photocopies at $0.50 per page.

When customers choose to print in color, the printer will automatically detect which pages in a job are in color and which are not, and charge accordingly. For example, if a customer prints a ten-page document that contains one page in color, the printer will charge the customer $1.40 for the job: $0.50 for the one color page and $0.10 for each of the remaining black & white pages.

Customers can still choose to print their job entirely in black & white. The color page would print in black & white, and the customer would be charged the black & white rate for the entire job