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When enabled, the Borrowing History feature keeps track of the specific items you've checked out (tied to the barcode of the item).  Over time some of the items may be removed from the collection, for example if they are lost or damaged.  If this happens to an item you previously checked out, it will no longer show in your borrowing history, even if the library still owns other copies:


Borrowing history with missing items


This can be very frustrating!  Fortunately there are ways to keep track of your items that can help avoid this problem.

One option is to use the List feature.  You can create an unlimited number of lists of up to 100 items, and those lists can be kept private.  Titles will remain on your list as long as any library using BiblioCommons has it in their collection.  Even if Sno-Isle no longer has it, you'll still be able to see it.  For example you could keep a list of the items you check out in each year, or create lists for your favorite authors or actors.

Another option is to use Shelves for tracking your items.  Unlike lists, there are no limits to the number of items you can have on a shelf.  Again, as long as any library using BiblioCommons has the book in their collection you will be able to see it on your list.  Items are added to your Completed shelf if you rate them, leave a comment, or move them there.


For more help with lists and shelves:

Help page for Lists

Help page for Shelves


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