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Setting parental controls
Setting parental controls on your account means you will be required to enter a PIN when attempting to view a title that has not been approved for viewing in Kanopy Kids. This feature prevents your child from stumbling upon unsuitable content on Kanopy. To set up parental controls:

Using web or mobile browser:

  1. Log into your Kanopy account, go to your Dashboard and select “Parental Controls”, or visit
  2. Click “Turn on”
  3. Create a 4-digit PIN and click Save. We recommend using an original PIN that does not include any part of your address, phone number, or other number that your child might guess.

The parental controls will be activated after exiting Kanopy Kids for the first time after setup. You will only be required to enter your PIN once during a single session. Your session will end when you log out, or you enter and exit Kanopy Kids again.

For more information, please see the Kanopy Kids help topic.

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