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Music that you have downloaded to your computer from the Freegal website is already yours to keep. However, music that you have downloaded onto the Freegal app must be exported to your computer before Freegal is discontinued on December 31, 2018.

Freegal offers the information below in their FAQ:

How do I backup Freegal Music from my iOS mobile device into iTunes?
Open up iTunes on your computer and you should see an icon of your device appear in the top left, under the player. Click on the icon to open your device.

On the left of your computer screen you will see Settings. Select "File Sharing" which will open the "File Sharing" screen and scroll down to Freegal Music.


How do I backup Freegal Music from my Android device?
To retrieve music from your Android device, the easiest method is to plug your Android device into your PC or Mac. 

On a PC, once you connect your device, driver software should install automatically if not already installed. For troubleshooting on a specific device please check the Android forums (for example it should be detected automatically. If not, open up Computer to see your device. Choose to browse Internal Storage, then open the folder titled “Freegal Music”. Inside this folder, you will see another folder labeled with your patron card number. This folder contains all of your Freegal Music downloads (songs and videos) that you’ve gotten through the Freegal Music app. Simply drag this folder to your desktop, and once the transfer is complete you can then move the songs and videos wherever you’d like on your computer. 

On a Mac, depending on the version of Android, you’ll need some additional software. 
For Android 2.3, you can plug the device in and select the option (on the Android device) to mount as a disk. From this point you can find the device through Finder, open the device, then open the folder titled “Freegal Music”. Inside this folder will be your patron barcode folder. You can then drag this folder to your desktop. Once it copies, you can drag it straight into iTunes and iTunes should be able to sort your music.

For Android 4.0 or newer, you can download the Android File Transfer software: This software, once installed, will open automatically when you plug your Android device into your Mac. Once it opens you will see the file system of your device. Open the Freegal Music folder, and drag your patron barcode folder to your desktop. From there you will be able to move your music around your Mac and into iTunes.

Access to Freegal and music on Hoopla will end on December 31, 2018.


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