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Sno-Isle and BiblioCommons have worked together to ensure that lists created in the classic catalog will move into BiblioCommons virtually intact. (Some titles may not come across, based on whether they are still available in our collection.) 

After setting up your BiblioCommons account, you can log in and import your lists from the My Library Dashboard page. 

NOTE:  All lists imported in this fashion will default to a “private” setting

  • You will receive an email when the import process is complete, with a summary of what was moved and a notice about errors, if any errors were encountered.  (It only takes moments to import the lists, so even if you don't get the email right away - spam filter? - you can still check to see if your lists have moved.) 
  • Please note that in BiblioCommons, lists have a maximum of 100 items. Any list you maintained in the classic catalog that is more than 100 items will be broken into multiple lists in BiblioCommons, numerated as needed (Movies to Watch, Movies to Watch 2, Movies to Watch 3, etc.).


(This is not common. Applies to beta users only):

  • ‚ÄčIf a beta user imported lists before this process was established in mid-January 2017, the lists imported to the “For Later” shelf.  Those items will still be on that shelf and will need to be removed manually.  But the process described above will re-import the lists properly.    

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