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Thank you for asking about the Library's film collection. We have determined that it is not feasible to offer a full Blu-ray collection. Nationally the majority of homes use a DVD player to view films, unfortunately, Blu-ray discs are incompatible with these machines. While DVDs can be viewed on both DVD and Blu-ray players, the same cannot be said for Blu-rays.

The collection does contain a few Blu-ray discs, but there is not a stand-alone Blu-ray collection at this time.  When films already found in our collection go out of print in DVD format e.g. Star Wars, select Disney titles, sometimes the only purchase option available to the Library are Blu-ray DVD combo packs. In situations like these we have purchased the combo packs so that we can continue to offer the films our customers expect to find at the Library. This can mean that customers browsing the shelves may find a bonus Blu-ray disc in the cases they bring home. Because the Blu-ray DVD combo packs are more expensive than the DVD only title, we purchase these titles when this is the only option available to us. Our vendors have confirmed that this is the option that the majority of libraries are choosing to resolve this situation.  

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