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  1. Customers will have a single navigational experience and access the same familiar resources whether they are in the catalog or on the web site. Sno-Isle staff can develop a consistent look and feel across the entire Sno-Isle website.


  1. Based on research and beta testing, Sno-Isle staff believe the new catalog offers better search results and a more satisfactory customer experience.


  1. Sno-Isle wants to promote a community of Sno-Isle readers and library users. Having two distinct catalogs would fracture our users. 


  1. With one catalog, single sign-on will enable customers to log in once and use resources across the whole Sno-Isle website. This would not be seamless if we maintained two catalogs. 


  1. Two separate systems with two separate login procedures would lead to confusion for customers who inadvertently moved back and forth. 


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