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You make a request inactive when you 'Freeze' it. An inactive hold request has an activation date in the future that you choose. You no longer see your place in the hold queue, but you remain in the position you were in at the time you made your request inactive. See the FAQ 'How can I freeze or unfreeze my hold requests?'.


An active hold is one that is waiting to be filled. The system is actively looking for items to fill the request. You will see your Hold Position displayed.


A pending hold status means that Polaris has identified an item that is available to fill the hold request, so it is put on the list for staff to retrieve, check in and be prepared for sending to the selected library.


A shipped hold request means that an item was trapped at a branch other than the pickup branch, and is being shipped to the pickup branch.


Held means an item that has been checked in at the pick-up branch and is available for you to pick up.


If you do not pick up the item held for you within the specified period of time, the item is removed from the hold shelf and the hold request status automatically changes from held to unclaimed. After the unclaimed item is processed by library staff, the status will change to cancelled.


A cancelled hold request may be any of the following:

  • an item that was not picked up from the hold shelf.
  • a request that was cancelled by you online.
  • a request that was cancelled by library staff at your request.
  • an item placed on hold by staff that was later determined not to meet your needs and then cancelled.

Please note: Cancelled requests will remain at the bottom of your request list for seven days and then they are automatically deleted.


New Catalog Effective Feb. 1, 2017

Not Ready

A hold that is Not Ready is one that is waiting to be filled. The system is actively looking for items to fill the request. You will see your hold position displayed.


You can pause your hold and retain your place in line until you are ready to pick up the item. Find full instructions in the Catalog Help section called Pausing Holds.

In transit

Your item is on its way to your chosen pick up location!

Ready now

Your item is waiting for you at the Pickup location listed and will be there for you until the Pickup by date.