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Classic Catalog

Using the 'Narrow Your Search' side bar in your catalog results screen, there are many ways you can reduce the number of results to find what you want.

Type of Material = You can narrow your search results by format. The list is hierarchical which means if more titles in your results set fall into a particular format such as 'Books', that format will be listed first. The other formats below mean there are also these formats in your search results, just fewer and fewer as you go down through the list.

Target Audience = The narrow by Target Audience choice works the same way as the Type of Material. The more titles assigned to a certain age group, the more likely it is to rise to the top of the list of choices. The words used to describe the age groups in Target Audience are defined by tags deeply embedded in the catalog records. Unfortunately, we can't change those descriptive words. For example, we may prefer to use the term 'Teen' instead of 'Adolescent', but at this time we can't change those terms.

Here are the definitions for the terms used:

  • Preschool = Intended for children, approximate ages 0–5 years
  • Primary = Intended for children, approximate ages 6–8 years
  • Pre-adolescent = Intended for young people, approximate ages 9–13 year
  • Adolescent = Intended for young people, approximate ages 14–17 years
  • Juvenile = A broader definition intended for children and young people, approximate ages 0–15 years
  • Adult = Intended for adults
  • General = Of general interest and not aimed at an audience of a particular intellectual level. Used for items that are not covered more appropriately by the other terms

Subjects = Subject headings are assigned to almost every title in our catalog. Click on these to find more titles on this subject.

Authors = This is a list of any author names that are related to your search terms.

Series = Can help you quickly link to other titles in the series.

Language = Based on your search terms, you can link to titles by language.

Publication Date = Helpful if you want to find titles published in a certain time period.

Assigned Library = This is a list of library locations that have items on the shelves related to your search.

Literary Form = You can limit by literary forms such as non-fiction, novels, and short stories.

Related Searches = Links to more Subjects, Authors and Series based on your search terms

Recently Added Items = Links to titles that have been just added into our catalog or have been recently ordered.

Request an Item Not in Catalog = If you have done your search and can't find the title you are looking for, you can fill out this form to make a request.

New Catalog Effective Feb. 1, 2017

To narrow your search results, first conduct your search, then use the filters on the right side of your results screen to narrow your search by availability, format, audience, genre, etc. For full information, please visit the help page, Filtering Search Results.


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