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Keyword: The online library catalog contains thousands of records that represent titles in the catalog. Within each title record, separate fields contain specific information such as the title, author, and subject. You can search these fields for keywords (text you specify). A keyword search in any field looks in all the search fields of the library catalog to find the keyword text. Other keyword searches narrow the search for the keyword only in the author, subject, title, or other specific fields.

Browse: When you browse the library catalog, you can type just the first few letters or numbers of your search term, an author's name, a subject, a series name, or a title. The results list shows the portion of the catalog index that begins with the text you have typed. You can scroll through the index to see more headings or listings. You may also find useful links to related headings or listings. When you select a heading or listing in the index, you see information about the titles associated with the heading or listing. See a step by step explanation.

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